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Intern Clinical Psychologist - Institute of Psychology & Wellbeing (PC) 1.8.2014
IM09006: Programmer - Business System Development and Support (IO) 1.8.2014
PC09424: Lecturer - Health Sciences (PC) 31.7.2014
PC08694: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer - Education (PC) 28.7.2014
MC07126: Technician - Animal Science (MC) 8.8.2014
VC09348: Research Professor - Faculty of Economic Sciences and IT (VTC) 1.8.2014
VC09349: Senior Lecturer - School  of Economic Sciences (VTC) 1.8.2014
VC09351: Research Associate - School of Information Technology (VTC) 8.8.2014
VC09352: Scientific Programmer - School of Information Technology (VTC) 8.8.2014
VC09353: Senior Researcher - School of Information Technology (VTC) 8.8.2014 
PC10777: Senior Lecturer - Health (PC) 8.8.2014
PC10775: Lecturer - Health (PC) 8.8.2014
Internal Clinical Psychologist - Health (PC) 1.8.2014
Java Developer - ITC (IO) 8.8.2014
NWU newspaper advert 8.8.2014
VC09264: Research Assistant - School of Basic Sciences (VTC) 22.8.2014
Lecturer - School of Ancient Language and Text Studies (PC) 11.8.2014

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Mafikeng Campus
Faculty of Agriculture, Science & Technology
School of Agricultural Science
MC00602: Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer

Mafikeng campus Administrative Departments
Information Technology
MC01544 & MC02012: Technicians (2 Positions)

Department of Finance
MC00103: Occupational Health & Safety Coordinator

Potcehfstroom Campus
Faculty of Arts
School of Communication Studies
PC07940: Associate Professor/Professor - Communication

Faculty of Economic & Management Sciences
Office of the Dean
PC09487: Specialist

Faculty of Health Sciences
School of Psychosocial Behavioural Sciences
PC10214: Senior Lecturer - Clinical Psychologist/CBT