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PC10160: Jnr Environmental Management Specialist - CEM (PC) 28.11.2014
PC10906: Jnr Environmental Management Specialist - CEM (PC) 28.11.2014
PC06078: Graphic Designer - Academic Support Services (PC) 28.11.2014
PC08203: Senior Lecturer - Nutrition (PC) 26.11.2014
PC00912: Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor - Pharmacy (PC) 5.12.2014
PC06299: Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor - Pharmacy (PC) 5.12.2014
NWU newspaper advert 28.11.2014
PC10922: Admin Clerk - Protection Services (PC) 28.11.2014
PC09014: Lecturer - School of Economics (PC) 27.11.2014
PC10932: Senior lecturer - School of Economics (PC) 27.11.2014


NWU - Vacancy application form

NWU newspaper advert job profiles
Mafikeng Campus
Faculty of Agriculture, Science & Technology
School of Environmental and Health Sciences: Department of Nursing
MC07009/MC07018: Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor

School of Agricultural Sciences
Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension
MC00601: Professor

Department of Animal Health
MC01098: Senior Lecturer/Veterinarian

Department of Crop Science
MC01476: Lecturer

Faculty of Commerce & Administration
School of Economic & Decision Sciences
MC00747: Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor/Professor - Information Systems
MC07438/MC07439: Junior Lecturer/Lecturer - Information Systems (Extended Programme)
MC01492/MC00364: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor/Professor - Statistics
MC07422: Junior Lecturer/Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor/Professor - Statistics

Faculty of Law
School of Postgraduate Studies and Research
MC00465: Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor/Professor

Potchefstroom Campus
Faculty of Arts
School of Social & Government Studies
PC10898: Junior Lecturer - Sociology

Research Unit: Languages & Literature in the South African Context
PC09911: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer: Language Technology - Digital Language-Resource Development

School of Music
PC10897: Junior Lecturer - Brass Instruments

Faculty of Natural Sciences
Unit for Environmental Sciences & Management
PC08497: Associate Professor/Professor

Centre for Water Sciences & Management
PC10908: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer - Hydro-Geochemistry

Centre for Human Metabonomics
PC10921: General Manager
PC10917: Medical Scientist
PC10920: Senior Subject Specialist

Faculty of Engineering
School of Electrical, Electric & Computer Engineering
BBEnergy Chair for Energy Innovation

Faculty of Law
PC10928: Junior Lecturer/Lecturer

Faculty of Education
School of Natural Sciences & Technology for Education
PC07262: Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor/Professor and School Director

Vaal Triangle Campus
Fauclty of Humanities

School of Basic Sciences

VC06478: Junior Lecturer/Lecturer - History